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Demons of Divinity | eBook

Demons of Divinity | eBook

Book Two of the Enochian War Trilogy

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A world on the brink of collapse.
A broken soldier who may be their last hope.

Reeling in the aftermath of the White Tower incident, Haldin Raish is struggling to get by. What he needs is time, peace and quiet, and probably the ear of an attentive soothsayer. But the raknoth have other plans...

Across Enochia, terror reigns. Civilians are disappearing. Monstrous hybrids roam the land, attacking faster than the Legion can keep up. Across Enochia, the raknoth are winning.

And to stop them, Haldin might have to lose what little he has left...

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"A sci-fi fantasy masterpiece."

– Amazon Customer


"It's been too long since I've enjoyed a science fiction series this much."

– C. DeGhoul


"I'm freaking hooked. Luke's a phenomenal storyteller!"

– Peachesnbeal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews

I have received this novel as an advance copy with no obligation to review whatsoever.....This is an honest review. I have found "DEMONS" to be a page-turning bundle of action,romance,angst,intrigue and more that I won't say..What I will say is this story is worth reading,as MR MITCHELL seems to have a firm grip on his characters,and his storyline,creating a great read as I see it..RECOMMENDED!

Melissa Dinwiddie

If you’re a fan of the Harvester series (or even if you haven’t read it yet), this series by Luke Mitchell is a page-turning dive into Haldin Raish’s backstory: how he came to be such a strong telepath; how he and Elise met; the story behind his relationship with the raknoth Alton Parker (which does not start out the way you might expect, if you came to this series from the Harvester series!)If you’ve read the Harvester books, you’ll find more of the same kind of snappy dialogue and roller coaster action you’re already accustomed to, with nonstop impossible-odds battle scenes that our heroes nonetheless somehow manage to emerge from. It’s fun to get a little more context for the mysterious Enochians who show up late in the Harvester series.And if you haven’t read Harvesters, this series stands completely on its own.The first-person narrator can be annoyingly self-centered sometimes, disobeying orders repeatedly, and falling prey to the typical male/teen inability to express his feelings, to his detriment (but hey, he *is* only 17, after all, with a whole lot of pressure resting on his shoulders, not to mention enough trauma to cause several lifetimes worth of PTSD!)The book also has a handful of typos, but I have yet to read a self-published (or even traditionally published) book that doesn’t. A minor complaint.If you like fantasy with sarcastic heroes, heavy on bloody military battles with aliens, threaded through with plot twists, intrigue, some romance and sexual tension, you’ll probably enjoy this series.

Kindle Customer

First off, I'm one of LRM's ARC readers. That said, aside from fewer grammatical errors in the entire book that I can count one hand, this Divinity series is just getting better! The battles, the emotional rollercoasters (some of which had me in tears myself), the continuous flow of the prose (which BTW did not at ANY point leave me bored and aggravated.) After this second book, I hope LRM has a way to top it because the next book is gonna have to keep me awake until it's done! This is great storytelling from a master and if you haven't read Luke Mitchell yet, you're missing out!


This was one hell of a story. To me, it was very emotionally taxing, in some parts. After reading those parts I would have to take a break. But, then I would pick right back up, like a drug, and start reading again. It was that addicting.Packed full of Raknoth action, a lot of whispering between Haldin and the General of the High Command, and some serious soul searching by Hal and helped by Elise. We, the readers, definitely weren't lacking for any brain stimuli. This book held your attention. It may have had some parts that were a little wordy and not really necessary but it did not take away from the story one bit. In fact, it may have added to some of the characters essence's.While, I could add more here about what happened in the book, I will allow you to read it and find out for yourselves. No spoilers here!I wouldn't exactly say it ended in a cliffhanger (ok, some people might call it one, but I feel the current storyline was wrapped up, so it wasn't really a cliffhanger) but it left the story wide open for book three. Which, I absolutely can't wait for it to be published. I hope Luke R. Mitchell has book three waiting in the wings! Great read! Highly recommend this series!I need to thank Luke Mitchell for the advanced readers copy of Demons of Divinity. In return, I offer this completely unbiased review.


I'm not good at words, thankfully though Luke Mitchell is great at it. I'll just have to simply say that I love his writing!