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Book Two of the Enochian War Trilogy

Demons of Divinity | Paperback

Demons of Divinity | Paperback

perfect bound paperback / 6x9 inch inches / 394 pages

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A world on the brink of collapse.
A broken soldier who may be their last hope.

Reeling in the aftermath of the White Tower incident, Haldin Raish is struggling to get by. What he needs is time, peace and quiet, and probably the ear of an attentive soothsayer. But the raknoth have other plans...

Across Enochia, terror reigns. Civilians are disappearing. Monstrous hybrids roam the land, attacking faster than the Legion can keep up. Across Enochia, the raknoth are winning.

And to stop them, Haldin might have to lose what little he has left...

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