The Harvesters Series

The Harvesters Series

In a world dominated by bloodthirsty aliens, a wise-cracking mercenary and a woman with incredible powers are humanity’s last hope for survival. But when a mysterious new enemy arrives on the planet, do the unlikely heroes have what it takes to save the world? Don your power armor, grab the popcorn, and prepare for one rip-roaring thrill-ride through the alien apocalypse!


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Red Gambit  | eBook
Red Gambit | eBook Sale price$5.99 USD
Hell to Pay  | eBook
Hell to Pay | eBook Sale price$7.99 USD
Reaping Day  | eBook
Reaping Day | eBook Sale price$7.99 USD
Retribution  | eBook
Retribution | eBook Sale price$7.99 USD
The Harvesters Prequels Collection  | eBook
The Complete Harvesters Series Collection  | eBook
Red Gambit  | Audiobook
Red Gambit | Audiobook Sale price$7.49 USD
Hell to Pay  | Audiobook
Hell to Pay | Audiobook Sale price$12.99 USD
Reaping Day  | Audiobook
Reaping Day | Audiobook Sale price$12.99 USD
Retribution  | Audiobook
Retribution | Audiobook Sale price$12.99 USD
The Complete Harvesters Series Audio Bundle
Red Gambit  | Paperback
Red Gambit | Paperback Sale price$12.99 USD
Hell to Pay  | Paperback
Hell to Pay | Paperback Sale price$15.99 USD
Reaping Day  | Paperback
Reaping Day | Paperback Sale price$15.99 USD
Retribution  | Paperback
Retribution | Paperback Sale price$15.99 USD
The Harvesters Prequels Collection  | Paperback