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Book Four of the Harvesters Series

Retribution | Audiobook

Retribution | Audiobook

Length: 12 hrs and 1 mins

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Too hard-fought. Too short-lived.

Now, scattered and hunted by the monstrous rakul, Rachel and Jarek must do everything they can to protect their friends and keep their brewing Enochian weapons safe long enough for one slim chance at turning the tides. But first, they have to find each other. And with no comm network to speak of and a squadron of galaxy-class killers on their tails, nothing is quite so simple.

Harvest has fallen. Earth stands on the brink of destruction, it's would-be defenders staring down the precipice.

They won't go down without a fight.

But what if their fight was never enough?

Grab your copy of Retribution now, and suit up for the thrilling conclusion of The Harvesters Series!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews

I haven’t seen these

Kindle Customer

What a way to end a series! Wow! Talk about action and mayhem! This whole series is awesome and I couldn't get enough! The characters are strong and amazingly hilarious! It also reminded me of old 80's movies when the good guys always had a great one liner to hurl at the bad guy during their fights. The series is simply amazing!


Really enjoyed this book. Lots of action and interesting characters with sarcastic humor to lighten it up a bit

Meenaz Lodhi

Sniff! What a mind blowing end to a grasping and fascinating series! I enjoyed each and every moment and scene of savage battles, emotive encounters, cheeky sarcasm, humourous situations, complex and admirable characters, counting the ragnoths. The original names of the aliens, the vivid description of them is so realistic I could actually visualize them. The rakul, quasi immortal species are mesmerizingly terrifying. Luke R. Mitchell has given his best and more in this series, a unique writing, creative beyond imagination. And the book covers, wow! Every single book has a fantastic like 3D art design that never tires me to look at them.The ending was both unexpected and sad, but happy and thankful. I got emotional too, lol! I didn’t want to see it end! Beautifully written and a wonderful ride I truly hope continues! Congratulations Luke! You’ve made me very happy reading this great series,thank you!

Gadget Guy

I’ve enjoyed the first 3 books of Luke Mitchell’s series, and, like his characters in this series, Luke’s writing has grown better with each book. I am not going to include any spoilers, but This book focuses on Jared & Rachel, and it is all the better for it. There is no shortage of edge-of-your-seat battles (thanks, Luke!), but there is some serious character development/growth in this final book in the series. Retribution delivers across the board, and the ending was very well thought out. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.I received this book As part of Luke’s ARC crew, but had I not I would’ve bought it in a heartbeat to see how the series wrapped up. If you enjoyed the first three books, you’ll love this one!As for the Carp references in my review (and in others)... well, read the book!