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Cursed Blood: A Harvesters Prequel | eBook

Cursed Blood: A Harvesters Prequel | eBook

A Prequel of the Harvesters Series

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Lilly Cross has a secret. The kind that’s to die for.

Never mind that she’d walked away from her arcane gifts years ago. Never mind that she’d built herself a perfectly normal life—a daughter, and a family that needed her. Never mind that she was damned near happy.

Because when an old ally washes up from the shadows, frantically spouting tales as outlandish as they are disturbing—shapeshifting mosnters walking among us, bent on human blood and strong as they are cunning—there's no going back.

Never mind that life was good, he tells her.

Because if no one stops these things, it’s all about to come crashing to a violent end anyway…
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"A sci-fi fantasy masterpiece."

– Amazon Customer


"It's been too long since I've enjoyed a science fiction series this much."

– C. DeGhoul


"I'm freaking hooked. Luke's a phenomenal storyteller!"

– Peachesnbeal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews

I haven’t seen these

Janet K. Jackson

I very much enjoyed this book...didn't think I was pleasantly surprised..the premise of book is unique...would definitely recommend to other apocalyptic going to get the next book in series now...thanks for your ability to write...

Natalie K Wadge

I love these kinds of books! The interactions between characters, especially a human and an AI, is what gives the book its charm. I am looking forward to more like this and I would recommend it to everyone.

al reasoner

It started out innocent enough, but got to rolling pretty quickly after he ran into the eagle gang. His pure innocence got crushed when he thought his "friends were trying to help but were evil . Did Not want to put the book down!!! Can't wait to read the next book.. Good read

Nancy Daughtry

Ok, so I read this after Red Gambit and Hell to Pay. And after signing up for the newsletter. This book explains a lot of how everything started and I like that. The story is great. There's some sadness, some intense drama, some romance, and some fun. All in all, a great read. Only one question: Will there be another book covering the 10 years between this one and Red Gambit?