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Book Three of the Enochian War Trilogy

Children of Enochia | Audiobook

Children of Enochia | Audiobook

Length: 13 hrs and 55 mins

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The war on the raknoth is all but won.
The war on demons is just beginning.

In the wake of the hybrid massacres, a devastated Enochia looks to their leaders for answers. From the safety of his White Tower, the High Cleric gives them. "Look no further than to those who upset Enochia's natural order to begin with," he says. "Look no further than to Haldin Raish, and his demonic ilk."

When the Sanctum declares a holy war on all of Shaper kind, Haldin soon finds himself facing unsavory choices and even more unsavory allies. But when he learns just how much danger the raknoth still pose to Enochia, he's left with little doubt. Like it or not, Enochia is going to need its Shapers to survive what's coming. And no one else is stepping in to save the day.

Now, surrounded by allies he can't trust and trapped on a planet that wants no part of him—save for his head—Haldin must face down his greatest opponent yet: the people of Enochia.

Grab your copy today for the thrilling conclusion to the Enochian War trilogy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Scott Oliver

Good series. I really liked that the characters were believable and not too "perfect". This series is a great introduction to the Harvester series.

Jim Zimmerman

So this is book 3 and I enjoyed it as much as the rest. Everything I have read by Luke Mitchell was well crafted and a great adventure. Keeping these in my library.

Faith Hakimian

This series was such a ridiculously fun ride. So much adventure. Thoroughly interesting world building. Loveable (or, in some cases, love-to-hateable) characters. And! It avoided the pitfall of so many prequel-type stories that have a harder time building tension because the reader knows something of what happens next. I'm definitely looking forward to whatever Mr. Mitchell writes next.


Full disclosure, I am an ARC reader and a Luke R. Mitchell fan. I have read/bought all of his books. I am not normally a fantasy fan, but Luke's writing is so good, I can't resist. Most of his books have a bit of a whimsical nature to them. This one is no exception. In this book mortal enemies will be forced to work together. It isn't all fun and games though. We get to learn more about Siren and Smirks - for those of you who read the first two books. This does wrap up this series and sets the stage for the first series. Luke has written 2 series that while connected, can be read in any order. So, stop reading my dribble and buy the book already. Note, I get no compensation for leaving this review and no compensation for any books being sold.

Kindle Customer

Could not put this book down. At first didn't know if I would get into it, but, couple of chapters in, I was hooked. Read fantasy non stop, some good, some very good, some excellent. This trilogy up with the best. Well written, well edited and storyline exciting, moving and believable. Read it. You won't be disappointed.