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The Eighth Excalibur | eBook

The Eighth Excalibur | eBook

Book One of the Excalibur Knights Saga

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This isn't your grandma's King Arthur story.

Nate Arturi isn't a knight in shining armor. He sure as hell isn't a king. And the last time someone called him heroic, it was because he fetched his neighbor's corgi off the roof. But when an ancient alien beacon awakens on Earth, sounding the call to enemies near and far, the Merlin is left with little choice. Any Knight in a Doomsday, or so the saying goes.

Now, ambushed by hulking alien brutes and tricked into accepting a foul-mouthed sword from a homeless wizard, Nate suddenly finds his senior year at Penn State slipping out of hand. But when an armada of butt-ugly troglodans and exotic gorgon killers starts raining from the sky, one thing becomes inescapably clear:

Unless he mans up and gets that damned beacon off of his planet, everything he knows is about to be burned to a crisp...

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“Arthurian Space Opera, for the win!"

– F. Hakimian


"Only a small portion of the books I read are of the 'can't put it down' variety. This was one of them."

– A. Helman


"Sci-fi meets Camelot. Plus a cool Corgi. What more do you want? Stop reading this and go start the series!"

– L. Watson

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews

As an alum I love that this story features Happy Valley and a nerdy Penn State student as protagonist. Am enjoying the fast pace. Love Excalibur as a sentient guide!

Kindle Customer

Well written. Nicely flowing.


From the previous reviews I was having a certain expectation how this book will progress. And to a small degree I was correct. But it started to deviate from my preconception and I'm very thankful and delighted about this. Definitely a worthy read.


I like the premise and the action sequences in this tale. I could resonate with the reluctant hero and at times could, as Excalibur was, become annoyed at his unawareness.More than once I was so engaged in the action that I found myself thinking, "just shut up and move!" This is how I knew this was a good read ... when you find yourself thinking you want to give the hero a swift know you're hooked!


Started out a little slow to capture my interest but it did. Going to get the next book in the series.