The Black Knight | Paperback

Join Nate and the Camelot crew for another action-packed installment of the Excalibur Knights Saga!

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“Arthurian Space Opera, for the win!"


About The Black Knight


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He came. He saw. He stole the freakin' Merlin.

In the wake of the troglodan attack on Earth, fledgling Knight Nate Arturi and his unruly crew venture into Alliance space in pursuit of the mysterious Black Knight. The mission couldn't be more simple. Find the Black Knight, recover the Beacon, and save the Merlin.

But simple isn't always easy, and the title of Excalibur Knight isn't what it once was.

Arriving in Alliance space, Nate and fellow Knight Iveera quickly find themselves caught in a deadly web of political ambition with ooperian assassins haunting their every step and no one to trust but each other and their rag tag crew.

The clock is ticking. An ancient evil stands on the brink of awakening. But to complete their mission, they'll have to go renegade and forfeit everything.

Can two rogue Knights stop the rising tides of galactic war?

“A must-read through and through!"


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The Black Knight  | Paperback
The Black Knight | Paperback Sale price$17.99 USD
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Book Two of the Excalibur Knights Saga


6x9 inch perfect bound paperback, cream pages

"Outlandishly good fun!"


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Hi there! Thanks for swinging by my book store.

I'm Luke, and in addition to being a full-time sci-fi pen monkey and dad of two, I often temp as a melted puddle of goo on the living room floor.

When I'm not busy being crushed by the myriad pressures of life, I delight in all manner of reading, gaming, powerlifting, and even occasionally spending time with my family. (I know, right?)

Anyway, I live in Rhode Island with my wife, Marina, and those two aforementioned feral wildmen we call children. But that's probably enough about us. If you're looking to be entertained, you should probably just go grab one of my books and tuck in. You won't regret it. (Probably.)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Peter Smith
The black knight

Another great book from this author. Well worth the read


Author Mitchell continues an entertaining storyline with his latest entry, which I found to be even better than the first novel with great characters, and expansive world-building! Hope he keeps it up, as I am wanting to dig into the next book!! I have received this book with no obligation nor expectation of a review...This is an honest review.


I was an ARC reader of this book.It was a fantastic follow on to the first installment of the series, with great character growth. I am really looking forward to the next book.Get this series. You'll not be disappointed.

steven p mathis

Once again Luke has outdone himself. The world of the Excalibur Knights continues to grow in leaps and bound, bringing adventure and danger at every turn!


Our Hero (Nate) is growing up. He is developing a nice dynamic with Lt Col Jaeger. The story has some nice twists and turns. In general, a much better story from Luke. A very good follow up to the first installment.

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