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Harvesters Insider Audiobook Welcome Bundle

Harvesters Insider Audiobook Welcome Bundle

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They said the meek would inherit the Earth.

As far as Jarek can tell, though, they must've been speaking Dutch or something.

Because those bloodthirsty aliens sure did make a mess of the place…



"It's been too long since I've enjoyed a science fiction series this much!"

"I literally could not put this down until I was finished."

"Holy s#!+!!! What an amazing story, original intense, hilarious and enthralling."

"Loved every second of this book. Could totally see Ryan Reynolds playing Jarek, as the hero is a very Deadpool-esque character. Really, really, really fun read…"


Prepare for 39+ hours of snarktastic, rip-roaring alien invasion action. Grab the complete series now!

 This Bundle Includes

Red Gambit (Book One)

Hell to Pay (Book Two)

Reaping Day (Book Three)

Retribution (Book Four)

All for $38.97 $14.99

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